Hello, hi.

I am a director, artist, actor, writer, poet, prankster, human.

My work is a survival strategy
A coping mechanism
A celebration
An investigation
A mourning
A tactic.

I pick and choose from my kit whichever tools seems most necessary for each project.

I make plays, performances, installations, events, essays, videos, and interventions.

We gather in the theater
A space of unique vitality.

Everything is alive
If you look closely enough.

We look, together.

We stare down the end of the world together
Clear-eyed. Holding hands
Bringing as much love into the world as possible.

It’s nice to meet you.

Matthew Clinton Sekellick is an artist and theater maker. Matthew creates plays, performances, installations, interventions, videos, and essays. He has directed for Torn Space Theater, assistant directed with Purchase Repertory Theater, and performed with the New York State Theater Institute and Saratoga Shakespeare Company, among others. He holds an MA from the University at Buffalo, a BA from the Conservatory of Theater Arts at Purchase College, and has trained with Anne Bogart and SITI Company.

view/download: curriculum vitae